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Collectible Card Chat For Your Website

Give your visitors a place to chat of their own.

Do you run a collectible or trading card game related website?

Would you like to provide your visitors with a place where they can chat?

Use our chat room on your website or blog and your site visitors will be up and chatting within minutes. The program:

  • Is completely free to related websites. - There is no cost whatsoever for using this service.
  • Little to no web knowledge needed to install. - Is unobtrusive and fits cleanly into your existing website or blog. After a few simple steps you will be provided with some code that you can simply cut and paste into your page.
  • Allow visitors to chat with people all over the globe. - Let your visitors chat about their favorite card game without ever leaving your webpage. Don't let your visitors go elsewhere for their chat room needs, let them chat as they browse your page.
  • No advertisements. - We do not spam your customers with advertisements.
  • Reach a wider web audience. - Your know you have a great webpage. Let your visitors tell others about it.

Signup is quick and easy. We bring the chat to you. Click here to get started.

Do you have a website dealing with a collectible card game that we do not currently have listed?

We are always adding new channels, and hope to one day have a channel for every collectible card game out there. If we don't currently have your game, no problem, simply contact us and we'll get a channel set up for you to use.