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TcgChat.com FAQ

  • Can I run a bot in your collectible card channels?
    No, in order to keep the chat channels as free from spam as possible we do not allow bots of any kind to operate within the channels.
  • Do you allow advertising on your website?
    We provide two types of advertising opportunities for those that are interested. We provide banner based advertising across the top of the page, as well as text based link advertising to the left of the chat window.

    We want to provide relevant links for our visitors that will be of interest to them. To that end we are very strict as to who we will allow to advertise. The keywords used in the text based advertising must be descriptive and clear as to where the person will be going should they decide to follow the link. By only allowing quality, relevant links our visitors have come to see the links we allow as our own recommendations, that have obtained our stamp of approval.

    If you would like to obtain pricing information or discuss this further, please contact us.
  • I'm a webmaster and would like to include your chat program on my website. Is there any charge to do so?
    Nope, the chat room widget is completely free, and is extremely easy to set up. You can have your site's visitors chatting in mere minutes.
  • I'm interested in chatting about a collectible card game that you do not currently have a channel set up for. Would you consider adding one?
    Absolutely, we want to be a repository for all collectible/trading card chat rooms.
  • Why should I use your chat room on my site as opposed to adding one of my own.
    One of the hardest things about starting a chat room is getting people in it. Early on, when someone shows up to chat and does not find anyone in the room to chat with they most likely won't bother to check out the channel again for quite a while. Because our chat room is featured on many websites, the chances that your site's visitors will have others to chat with greatly increases.